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Student Profile

There is no typical student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. About half of our undergraduate students enter directly from high school; the remainder are students who have prior college experience either immediately before entering the University of Michigan-Dearborn or at some earlier point in their lives and careers. Almost all of our graduate students are employed full time in a related professional career.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn currently enrolls nearly 9,003 students in bachelor's and master's degree programs. Our recent student profile provides a capsule look at the variety of individuals who make up our student body.

Students for Fall 2013:

    • 7,334 Undergraduates
    • 1,669 Graduates
    • 50.8% Men
    • 49.2% Women
    • 91.2% Michigan Residents
    • 24.5% Students of color
    • 5.0% International students
    • 3.61:  The HS GPA for the middle 50% of incoming freshmen.
    • 24.51: The ACT score for the middle 50% of incoming freshmen.