Vision 2020 Reflect. Reimagine. Recreate.

Emerging Strategies

This team led the development and analysis of the Vision 2020 faculty and staff survey and dialogue processes of Winter 2011. Those results have informed the draft strategic plan and continuous improvement goals.

Emerging Strategies Task Force


  • Nancy Wrobel, CASL (AP) & Jonathan Smith, CASL (P) (Co-Chairs)
  • Francine Alexander
  • Joy Beatty, COB (AP)
  • Jamie Wraight, CASL (L)
  • Bonnie Beyer, CEHHS (P)
  • Marty Hershock, CASL (AP)
  • Jamie Lee, CASL (ap)
  • Barbara Klein, COB (AP)
  • Patti Jones, CASL
  • Yi Lu Murphey, CECS (P)
  • Kim Killu, CEHHS (AP)
  • Ismael Ahmed (Associate Provost)
  • Krisanu Bandyopadhyay, CASL (AP)
  • Larry Radine, CASL (AP) ‘of counsel’
  • Support from Council of Deans