1. Advancing the Future of Manufacturing in a Global Environment

Some of the most sophisticated manufacturing systems in the world are found in southeastern Michigan, and todayís industries need a strong pool of well-trained and highly skilled engineers, managers, and problem-solvers. The rapidly changing business environment created for American manufacturing by the processes of globalization mean that these businesses must seek out innovation in every area. UM-Dearborn has focused on its ability to bring innovative ideas and practices into use as our regionís industries adapt to a changing economic context. Our engineering faculty are in the forefront as we learn:

  • How to apply the skills and technologies perfected in the auto industry to high-tech products in such areas as health care and national defense
  • How to set standards and create vehicles that are fuel-efficient, recyclable and profitable

Our regional economy needs fresh thinking in the area of business design and management. To that end, the Viscogliosi Economic Leadership Seminar series at UM-Dearborn is bringing together nationally prominent scholars and industry leaders with southeastern Michigan business leaders to stimulate innovative problem solving.

In 2006, the University of Michigan-Dearborn established iLABS, the Center for Innovation Research. From organizational creativity to new venture creation to technology diffusion, iLABS helps businesses create greater value.