The university as a source, and force, for change.
IV. Achieve Metropolitan Impact

This university’s overarching mission is to make a positive difference in the life, economy, and culture of our metropolitan Detroit region.

Recognizing that no one institution can take on all the challenges that are before us, we have identified five areas with the best fit between the problems of our community and the university’s intellectual resources and record of accomplishment.

We identified five areas where we will make a major impact:

  1. The future of manufacturing
  2. Pre-K-12 education
  3. Racial and ethnic divisions
  4. Urban environmental problems
  5. Local and regional leadership

Mary Sue Coleman

"We will move Michigan to a new level of excellence by building on the distinctive academic strengths of our three campuses. The University of Michigan-Dearborn, with its involvement in metropolitan Detroit, is uniquely positioned to combine scholarship, dialogue and action for the benefit of southeastern Michigan."

-President Mary Sue Coleman
  University of Michigan