Making the Metropolitan Difference: A Strategic Vision for Our Next Decade

Southeastern Michigan, the state, and the industrial Midwest
face new and difficult challenges in the early 21st century...

…aging cities, loss of industrial jobs, persistent racial differences,
heavily impacted environments, public fiscal challenges,
challenged schools, limited regional cooperation…

At the University of Michigan-Dearborn, we believe that a university needs to be an active partner in addressing the challenges its communities face. We seek to bring the knowledge resources of the university into engagement with the needs of the people of southeastern Michigan. We aim to achieve a major impact in meeting the needs of our region’s evolving economy, environment, and culture.

UM-Dearborn has gone through an extensive two-year process involving students, faculty and staff, alumni, volunteers, and community leaders to give focus to our highest and best efforts.

Together, we have produced a defining mission for this dynamic university and have created a guiding vision to see it through. UM-Dearborn defines itself as providing the academic excellence of the University of Michigan, as a metropolitan university serving southeastern Michigan.

We will focus on four central strategies...

  1. Increase enrollment
  2. Enhance student engagement
  3. Deepen academic excellence
  4. Achieve metropolitan impact

...culminating in five major areas of metropolitan impact.

  1. The future of manufacturing
  2. Pre-K-12 education
  3. Racial and ethnic divisions
  4. Urban and environmental problems
  5. Local and regional leadership
Our Commitment: University of Michigan-Dearborn provides the excellence of the University of Michigan and delivers impact as an educational leader and partner for the people, organizations and industry of metropolitan Detroit.