Office of Metropolitan Impact


The mission of the Office of Metropolitan Impact (OMI) is to further develop the volume, value and impact of mutually beneficial community partnerships for research, teaching, learning, and service and to enhance aspects of the Chancellor’s metropolitan vision as defining dimensions of University of Michigan-Dearborn.


The five major foci of metropolitan impact are:

• the future of manufacturing

• pre-K through 12 education

• racial and ethnic diversity

• urban and environmental problems

• local and regional leadership


Organizations and businesses that are transforming the region in these and other areas partner with OMI to leverage the intellectual resources of our faculty, work with and provide valuable experiences to our students, and employ our knowledgeable and creative graduates.


OMI staff carry out the following range of activities:

 Assist faculty and staff in collaborating with nonprofit and community partners;

 Support project and programs that advance faculty research and student learning;  Provide annual seed and grant funding that support community-based research, community engagement and related programming with community partners;

 Host the federally funded Public Allies Metro Detroit annual 10-month apprenticeship, an AmeriCorps program dedicated to fostering the professional development and leadership capacity of diverse young Detroiters committed to transforming the region;

 Raise the profile of community partnerships among campus and external constituents by publicly recognizing the work of engaged faulty, students, staff and community partners;

 Engage in activities that contribute to making a positive impact on our region.