Identity Guide

Using the University of Michigan-Dearborn Name

Before using the University name and images, it is important to consider whether the use would be supportive of the University’s missions and reputation and reflect the University’s values. See the Permissions reference guide and Policies sections of this Web site and review the checklist below for further direction.

Checklist of Usage Considerations

As you consider specific situations, ask yourself whether the use of the University name and images would:

  • Be consistent with and supportive of the University’s missions of research, education, and public service.
  • Show respect for persons, particularly students, faculty, and staff as members of a community of higher learning.
  • Reflect the University’s commitment to vigorous and open inquiry and discourse, and to the values of honesty, openness, academic freedom, and integrity.
  • Recognize that an institution of higher education is a vital and essential component of a diverse, democratic society.
  • Preserve the University’s reputation as a recognized international leader in academic pursuits, research, and service to society.
  • Be in compliance with University policies and codes of conduct.
  • Include truthful and open disclosure of sources of financial support for externally sponsored or funded University activities.
  • Attain a fair financial return to the University for any commercial use of its name or marks.

The use of the University’s name and images must not:

  • Be associated with activities or entities that bring its integrity or credibility into question. Careful consideration must be taken to protect and respect the University’s reputation and standing.
  • Be used for personal gain.
  • Be used in print or electronic form if it implies commercial or political endorsement of a product, service, project, or individual without prior written authorization of the University Name and Images Review Committee. Please see Advertising Guidelines for more information.