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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that we will be conducting our 2013 staff satisfaction survey to again assess important perceptions of job satisfaction, climate, and supervisor effectiveness among our employees.  As we have historically said, staff members play a critical role at our University and your opinions and thoughts about your level of satisfaction are important as we strive to make our campus a great place to work.

Surveys have been conducted annually since 2007.  The results have allowed units on campus to help leaders better understand top priorities for staff satisfaction through discussion and feedback sessions. This sixth survey and follow-up process will continue to promote open dialogue between staff and campus leadership, leading to increased overall satisfaction levels amongst staff.

Once again, our Human Resources team will be administering the survey and facilitating the feedback process. Additionally, we continually seek input from our Senior Officers and Deans regarding the survey tools and process.  In an effort to ensure confidentiality during the survey process, our Human Resources team will be using a web-based survey tool that will allow each staff member to provide anonymous feedback. 

The prioritization of unit-based workplace improvements by senior leaders, managers and supervisors will be a crucial part of this process.  Staff can expect to review the survey results and engage in the process over the summer months. The 2013 survey will be administered from May 8, 2013 through June 4, 2013.  All staff are encouraged to complete the survey. If you have any questions about the survey or processes please do not hesitate to contact me, your Senior Officer or Dean, or Human Resources.

Thank you in advance for your important feedback and commitment to our campus.




Daniel Little




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