Placement Exams for Incoming Freshmen

English Composition Placement Exam

All incoming freshmen must take the English Composition placement exam to fulfill the requirement for graduation. This exam places you in either Composition 105 or Composition 106 (or the additive non-credit course Composition 099). You are given two hours to write a response to a two-page selection from a published author. There is no “correct” response to the question. This exam can only be taken once.


Mathematics Placement Exam

Another requirement for incoming freshmen is the Mathematics placement exam. This computer-based test has no time limit (though most students typically complete the exam within two hours). Calculators are not allowed for this test. Unlike English Composition, a student can take the Mathematics placement exam up to three times (with 30-day wait periods). This exam helps place the student into the appropriate course level.

Click here to practice mathematics problems.

You are still required to take the University's English Composition and Mathematics placement exams even if you have taken the respective Advanced Placement exam or are transferring equivalent dual enrollment credits from another college. If your Advanced Placement score places you in a higher course level than the University placement score, your AP score will override the University placement score.

You will receive your English Composition and Mathematics placement exam scores when you attend orientation.  It is mandatory to have your placement exams completed and scored before you can attend orientation.


Registration for English Composition and Mathematics Placement Exams

Incoming freshman students may only register for their placement exams and orientation sessions by submitting the Freshman Orientation and Placement Exam Reservation Form

Because freshman students select orientation sessions and placement exam dates concurrently, it is necessary to use this form. You must be registered for Freshman Orientation and Placement Exams in order to attend.

Fall 2014 Orientation and Placement Exam dates will be available at the end of February.


Foreign Language Placement Exam

The Foreign Language placement exam is strongly recommended for students with less than three years prior experience in a language who plan to continue in that same language at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (whether required for graduation or not). This exam should be taken prior to attending Orientation. Placement exams are offered in French, German, and Spanish as a computer-based exam, and Arabic as a paper-based exam. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to receive your placement exam results in the mail.

To Schedule a Foreign Language Placement Exam

To receive exam dates or schedule a Foreign Language placement exam, please contact the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100 or email us at orientation@umd.umich.edu. Advance registration is required to take the exam.

Foreign Language AP Exam/Scores


If you take a Foreign Language Advanced Placement Exam and the AP score places you in a higher course than the University placement score, your AP score will override the University placement score.


Foreign Language course credit is not awarded by exam.


College of Business (COB)

Effective Fall 2009, there is no Foreign Language requirement for graduation.

College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS)

There is no Foreign Language requirement for graduation.

College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

Foreign language courses satisfy the humanities area distribution courses required for CECS students. However, there is no Foreign Language requirement for graduation. CECS students may satisfy the CECS humanities area either by taking Foreign Language courses or by taking other appropriate CECS humanities area courses.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL)

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Foreign Language distribution requirement can be met by:

  • Successfully completing a two-semester beginning language sequence at UM-Dearborn, or
  • Successfully completing a 3 or 4 hour Foreign Language course (this course cannot be taught in English) at the 102 level or higher, or
  • Having completed at least 3 years of Foreign Language (in the same language) in high school with a grade of "C" or better in the final course. Students wishing to request that the requirement be waived on this basis must submit a written petition to CASL Advising, 1039 CB, or
  • Transferring the equivalent of 8 semester hours of a beginning language sequence from another institution.

Those students who wish to meet the CASL Foreign Language requirement based on study or experience other than that outlined above may do so by:

  • Completing the equivalent of a high school degree from a school that used a language other than English for instruction. (Appropriate documentation attesting to the language of instruction and graduation from the high school program is necessary and official English translations of foreign transcripts are required. Students wishing to request that the requirement be waived on this basis must submit a written petition to CASL Advising, 1039 CB.), or
  • Passing an oral and written proficiency exam.


For questions regarding the results of an examination, please contact the appropriate office:  



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Foreign Language

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