Facilities Planning

Current Projects

Construction begins on ASC and CW Renovation Projects

As construction begins on this multi-phased renovation of Academic Support Center, Computing Wing and the Science Building, we will be publishing maps to help guide pedestrians and deliveries safely around construction. 

The first floor of CW has been designed to accommodate new laboratory classrooms and the Science Learning Center. Once the first floor laboratories are complete, we will shift to the second floor and convert an existing lab to ta chemistry teaching laboratory. Renovation in CW building began on February 24, 2014 and the construction areas will be closed to campus traffic. Phase One is expected to be completed in December 2014, and the second phase finishing in late march 2015. 

* ASC is being renovated to accommodate faculty and staff offices with a student community lounge and study area. The majority of the work of the ASC renovation will be on the interior of the building, and windows and new entry doors will also be included.  Renovation in ASC will also begin February 24, 2014 and the building closed to campus traffic. We expect to occupy the newly renovated space by January 2015. 

Service & Safety

Construction began in room 1122 of the Computing Wing early in March of this year. This project will transform an existing room into two excellent biology research laboratories for faculty led research. The design of these laboratories is based on the same conceptual laboratory plan developed for the upcoming Science Building renovation.

The recent crane lift, assisted with placement of a new exhaust fan to ensure a safe laboratory environment when research begins and fume hoods are active.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of May, 2013.

Recycling System

The Single Stream Recycling program rolled out in July across campus and has been a great success. We continue to work with our  Stewards of Sustainability  to increase awareness and compliance with the program.

CASL Multi-Media

Facilities Planning has been instrumental in a phased plan to upgrade the multimedia capabilities within CASL. Working closely with CASL Tech in the summer of 2011, we designed upgrades to 19 classrooms within the CASL and SSB buildings. The changes allowed for more faculty-friendly experiences at the front of the classroom, upgraded projectors, controls and speakers, and enhanced the ability to remotely monitor the projectors to track usage, lamp life and security. We are now working on another project to add multimedia to 10 classrooms that do not currently have projectors, as well as upgrading the multimedia in 1500 SSB. We are pleased to be a part of bringing technology to the classroom!


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