Facilities Management
Repairs and Services

We take great pride in keeping the campus clean and orderly and we hope you will help us continue to do just that. If there is something we have overlooked or something in need of our attention, please let us know.

Work requests are required for all services requested of our department. Facilities Management incurs costs for routine services and the requesting department will incur costs associated with non-routine services.

You may request an estimate of costs prior to your approval of the work if the cost is to exceed $250. Estimates are based upon known conditions before a project begins. Problems which arise during the course of the work add to the length of the project and to associated costs. All changes to the original work request after the work is started may affect the price.  The first step to get a facilities project started  is to submit a completed  project request form.  You can do this on-line and someone from Facilities Planning will respond promptly. No funds are spent without your approval, and you can specify that this request is for an estimate only. To access the form online: Project Request Form

Routine services funded by Facilities Management

Buildings/Offices: maintenance, repair, and operation of buildings including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, electrical, plumbing and other utility systems, and equipment installed as an integral part of the buildings

Campus grounds: turf, trees and shrubs, flowers, site utilities, walks, and roadways

Classroom: chalkboards, chairs, tables, movie screens, and window blinds

Non-Routine Services Funded by Requesting Department

Equipment: All costs associated with the installation of equipment by outside contractors and/or materials and overtime incurred by Facilities Management staff. Maintenance and repair of special classroom lab equipment and systems, office equipment and furnishings, lab equipment, and other departmental property.

Projects or renovations: Renovations, alterations, or improvements to existing building structures, grounds, facilities, facilities planning and design, and other services provided by outside architects or engineers.

Grounds: Staff services beyond normal duties or scheduled work hours such as site set-ups, extra maintenance or services, etc.

Housekeeping:  Staff Services beyond normal duties or scheduled work hours.

Moving: Moves and set-ups are requested by submitting a Work Request to Facilities Management with a two week lead time. Include a complete list of the items to be moved and the name and phone number of a contact person who will be available during the move to answer questions.

To ensure proper planning of your move it is critical to include floor plans with your Work Request. On the day of the move a copy of the floor plan should be attached to the door of each room involved in the move.

Removing and packing items in furniture to be moved is the responsibility of the department requesting the move. Typically for moves within buildings, items may be left inside standard file cabinets. Desks or credenzas that need to be moved through doors should be emptied. Lateral files and bookcases must be emptied prior to moving. For moves outside a building, items must be removed from all furniture to be moved.

Painting: Requests for painting are requested by submitting a Work Request to Facilities Management with a two week lead time. Include the specific location of where the painting is to be done, an itemized list of furniture to be moved to accommodate the painters; location for temporary storage of furniture; information on any existing holes, dents, or chips in wall surfaces that will need to be patched; indicate whether existing pictures, clocks, bulletin boards, and other wall ornaments will be placed back in the same location after painting; and requested dates of completion.

Facilities Management will communicate with the appropriate contractor and request that they perform a visual inspection and give a cost proposal.