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The latest addition to the series of interactive water-themed exhibits at the Environmental Interpretive Center is the Measure of a River (aka MOAR). Visitors can use the MOAR exhibit to learn about different water quality parameters that are monitored on a continual basis and access data from four monitoring-stations l along the Rouge River. The Rouge River Watershed is drained by the Rouge River and includes more than 1.5 million people and 48 communities in the counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Washtenaw in southeast Michigan. Using the MOAR, one can learn how gage height and discharge are affected by precipitation or how different variables affect the temperature and dissolved oxygen content of water in the river. Users can also examine the Rouge River Watershed using Google Earth to see southeastern Michigan from a bird’s-eye view and learn about various land use practices that can have a positive or negative impact on the Rouge River. One can also explore details of panoramic photos from around the watershed. By zooming in and out on these high definition photos it is possible to explore seldom seen stretches of the river from unique vantage points. It is our hope that by observing the details of land use practices and water quality parameters visitors to the Center can begin to understand the connection between human activities and our impacts on the Rouge River and the surrounding region.



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