Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety

The Mission of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety & Emergency Management (EHSEM) is to support the University’s Mission through partnership, guidance, and education to promote health and safety, protection of the environment, regulatory compliance and emergency preparedness. The Department Mission lays out what we do to support the University community. Our Vision statements identify how we intend to meet that mission.

  • EHSEM will provide services that promote health, safety, and environmental responsibility through partnerships, guidance and other activities to support academic, economic and regulatory needs of the University.

  • EHSEM will lead the University in development, dissemination and application of health, safety, environmental programs and emergency management programs.Environment, health and safety programs will be integrated into University activities while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • EHSEM will provide resources, guidance and training of the University community in matters related to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.

  • EHSEM activities will incorporate the values of quality, responsibility, accountability, trust, diversity, flexibility, and respect.

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