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Those of us at UM-Dearborn who work with students know how valuable a resource and support parents and other caregivers are to college students. We find that the students whose parents are actively aware and maintain open communication lines with their sons and daughters, are the ones who are the most likely to succeed academically, make wise and appropriate choices, and refrain from engaging in high-risk behaviors such as alcohol abuse.

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How can the Counseling Center help parents?

We are available for consultation to parents by phone, by appointment or by email. We invite parents to call if they have any questions about how their son or daughter may obtain services at the Counseling Center. Detailed information about the Counseling Center Services may be found on the Counseling & Disability Services web page at We are also available for questions about how parents may assist theirs sons and daughters who may be struggling with a specific problem or if they are in need of specific services. As well, we can help parents secure referrals to services outside of the college for their sons and daughters.

We are not able to talk with parents in any way about their son’s or daughter’s participation in counseling without the student’s written consent for release of information. Confidentiality is a very information part of the counseling relationship we establish with students. We adhere to the guidelines re: confidentially in therapeutic services as mandated by the Michigan Laws, as well as those established by our certification and licensing boards.

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