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The purpose of an interview is to take what is written on your resume and cover letter and personalize that information through a conversation. During this process the hiring organization and potential employee both have an opportunity to explore whether or not a fit exists. You may have one interview, but usually a second or series of interviews will be scheduled. Your first interview may be on-campus, at the employer's site, or by phone.

Interviewing is a skill that must be developed and fine-tuned. Statistics project that the average individual will have between 10 to 12 different jobs and 3-5 careers before retirement. Such projections may not hold true for every person, however, the benefit of knowing how to present your skills and abilities during an interview should rate high on your list of job search priorities. Two strategies can help you prepare and deliver your best during interviews, (1) Behavioral Based Interviewing and (2) practicing Interview Questions According to Categories.

Interview Checklist