General Education

Dearborn Discovery Core


Undergraduate Learning Goals at UM-Dearborn


The campus-wide general education program (known as the Dearborn Discovery Core) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is designed to complement work in a student’s chosen area of study. These classes serve as a means of discovery for students, providing a foundation for learning, connecting to potential new areas of interest and building tools for success in whatever field a student pursues. Learning outcomes are guided by the qualities every student should develop as they move toward graduating with a University of Michigan-Dearborn degree. The six goals for undergraduate student learning and experiences at UM-Dearborn are:


•     Core Knowledge

•     Communication

•     Cultural Understanding

•     Critical and Creative Thinking

•     Collaboration

•     Citizenship


The Dearborn Discovery Core requirements incorporate the six goals for undergraduate student learning and experience to help ensure that students master the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in college and throughout their lives and careers. The Dearborn Discovery Core is divided into three sections in order to accomplish the six goals for undergraduate student learning: Foundational Studies, Areas of Inquiry, and Capstone Experience.


Foundational Studies [15 credits]


Written and Oral Communication [6 credits]

Upper-Level Writing Intensive Course [3 upper-level credits]

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving [3 credits]

Critical and Creative Thinking [3 credits]



Areas of Inquiry [28 credits]


Natural Sciences [7 credits]

Social and Behavioral Analysis [9 credits]

Humanities and the Arts [6 credits]

Intersections [6 upper-level credits]



Capstone Experience [3 credits]





Mitchel A. Sollenberger, Associate Provost of Undergraduate Programs and Integrative Learning

Email: msollenb(at)

Phone: 313-593-5030