How does Tutoring Services Work?

Tutoring Services, part of the Academic Support Office of the Student Success Center is located in 2170 University Center. It provides free individual and group tutoring by peer tutors in content area courses. Peer tutors help improve performance in a difficult course by modeling effective study techniques and breaking down difficult concepts.

Students receive a maximum of 14 sessions per course per term. This limit can only be exceeded with approval of the Tutoring Coordinator. Sessions are a maximum of three hours in length, and it is strongly recommended that they take place on campus. There is no cost involved to receive tutoring.


Who are the tutors?

Our peer tutors are successful students who have earned at least a B in the courses they tutor. Many of them have been recommended by their professors. Their goal is to help students review course content through the use of interactive learning strategies. Once they become a peer tutor, they receive training in the policies and procedures of Tutoring Services as well as how to be an effective and efficient tutor.Tutors learn that they are not there to just do homework or give answers. They are there to assist students in working through areas that they are having trouble with, helping them learn to develop new academic skills that will further their understanding of the material.


If a student requests a tutor and there isn't one available, the Tutoring Coordinator will contact the professor of the class in question to discuss the matter and to see if they know of a student that they feel would be an excellent tutor for the class.