Staff Senate

What is Mgaged?

Mgaged is a Staff Senate initiative, rolled out on April 17, 2013, that encourages UM-Dearborn staff to become engaged within the campus community, beyond the boundaries of their offices and desktops.  To help keep staff motivated and help them track their engagement, the Staff Senate has created the Mgaged Checklist tool.

Why be Mgaged?

Engagement fosters understanding of the goals and values of the University by providing a
broad perspective of the campus and revealing a staff memberís value to the UM-Dearborn
community. As a staff member you are absolutely key to the effective and efficient operation
of our campus and in carrying out its mission and metropolitan vision. Understanding your role in the campus can help you feel more positive about your job, become more productive and improve your job performance. Engagement keeps you connected to the campus community, helping you to build relationships and uncover opportunities for development, greater job satisfaction and advancement.

How do you become Mgaged?

Mgaged is a self-initiated program, so you can move through it at your own pace. When you
complete 10 activities on the Mgagement Checklist you will be recognized as an Mgaged Staff Member. Submit your completed checklist to any Staff Senator, or electronically to Once received by the Staff Senate, a letter of recognition will be sent to your supervisor as well as to the Dearborn HR office to be included in your personnel file.

Additionally, all staff who achieve Mgaged status by March 1 each year will be formally
recognized with a certificate of achievement at the Spring Staff Senate Open Forum, and those who achieve Mgaged status by September 1 each year will be recognized at the Fall Staff Senate Open Forum.


Mgaged Logo & Checklist
Download your checklist!