Programs on Campus

Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL)

Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) is a curricular and co-curricular, certificate-bearing program designed to provide leadership experience, encouragement, and opportunity for development of critical and analytical skills. WILL provides active learning opportunities that empower women as leaders, fosters a deeper understanding of women's roles and contributions to society, and offers opportunities for women to investigate career and life choices.

For more information, visit the Women in Learning and Leadership web site.

Urban and Regional Studies

The program in Urban and Regional Studies (URST) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn provides opportunities for in-depth study of some of the major challenges facing individuals and groups living and working in major metropolitan regions such as Detroit. These challenges include economic development; urban poverty and income inequality; preserving and promoting culture, architecture and art; land use conflicts; and the provision of adequate and sustainable transportation and housing services. The focus of the URST program is to provide you with the knowledge, techniques and critical analytical skills that will enable you to effectively participate in changing your city and region.

For more information, visit the Urban and Regional Studies web site.