Chancellor's Office

Provost Susan W. Martin


May 11, 2008

To the campus community,

As you have probably heard, Provost Susan Martin has been offered the presidency at Eastern Michigan University and will be ending her provost responsibilities at UM-Dearborn on June 30. We all wish her well in this challenging job, and I extend my thanks to her for the hard work she has devoted to the campus during these past two years.

We will be thinking carefully about succession, and I am confident that we have the depth to move forward smoothly on the important initiatives that are underway.  I will begin consulting with the deans, the faculty senate, and other faculty tomorrow about next steps, and we will begin the process of searching for our next provost in a timely way.

I will appreciate your advice and feedback as we move forward.  We have much to accomplish on the campus, and I will be working hard to assure as smooth and seamless transition as possible!

Best regards,

Daniel Little