We will enrich the life and learning of our students by engaging them beyond the classroom.
II. Enhance Student Engagement

A university education should help students to see the point of the knowledge they are acquiring—the real-world impact that their knowledge can achieve. And students can increase the impact of their talents by learning to work together, to lend their talents to the needs of their communities, and to achieve real passion for the fields of learning that they are pursuing.

The university aims to maximize every student’s knowledge and passion for learning by encouraging many forms of engagement in the worlds of work, learning and citizenship.

  • Comprehensive internship and co-op programs involving more than 700 placement opportunities
  • Research opportunities alongside faculty
  • More than 125 student organizations
  • Participation in the university’s “Civic Engagement” project

Our goal is to guarantee all students at least one such experiential opportunity connected to their studies. These experiences help students become assets to their communities and provide unique University of Michigan-Dearborn advantages as graduates pursue employment in our fast-changing economy.

Andrew Toy

“It’s a mix of small class size, personal interaction with the instructors, as well as the research opportunities that are available here on campus.There’s no better way to learn something than to actually work on projects. I think that’s the major difference between the University of Michigan Dearborn and other universities that don’t have those internship opportunities.Through my co-op and research experience, many employers were very interested in me and in my knowledge. I had many job offers after I graduated.”

-Andrew Toy
  College of Engineering and Computer Science-2000
  Software Engineer, Ford Motor Company