2003 Distinguished Research Award

Jennifer Jing Zhao, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Jing Zhao, Associate Professor of Mathematics, is recipient of the Distinguished Research Award. After receiving her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Indiana University in 1992, Dr. Zhao joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr. Zhao is widely acknowledged by her colleagues for having produced an "astonishing" and impressive range of "high quality work." During the past ten years her study has involved applied mathematics and interdisciplinary research on numerical methods for convection-diffusion types of equations. Most recently she has contributed to mathematical studies that in themselves have significant and critically important application in the bio-medical sciences. Professor Zhao is widely admired for her commitment to research, for her sense of collegiality and collaboration, for her interdisciplinary studies, and for her professional contributions to international conferences as well as to the American Mathematical Society. Not only is Dr. Zhao a gifted researcher, she is an outstanding teacher and has made notable service-contributions to her department and to the university.