2003 Distinguished Service Award

John Gillespie, Professor of Mathematics

John A. Gillespie, Professor of Mathematics is recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. He joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 1989. He has a steady and long-standing service commitment to the students and faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and to his profession. He has participated in numerous activities that have added value to the education of our students outside of the classroom and to the quality of life in our University. His numerous outreach efforts have resulted in enhanced relationships between students and faculty which have prepared the students to be better informed about career opportunities and awareness of mathematical competitions. He produced a booklet, From Calculus to Career - A Guide for the Undergraduate Mathematics Student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. To perpetuate and insure that current students will become professionals in his field, Dr. Gillespie has initiated the establishment of an endowed scholarship for an undergraduate. In service to his colleagues, Dr. Gillespie has been elected to the Executive Committee of his Department, to the College's Executive Committee, and to the Faculty Senate and serves as a consultant on statistical problems to many of his colleagues on and off this campus. He was President of the Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Statistical Association and organized a highly successful statistical sciences career event for the Ann Arbor and Detroit chapters.