2005 Distinguished Service Award

Paul Zitzewitz, Professor of Physics

Paul W. Zitzewitz, professor of physics in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, administrator, and contributor to the physics profession, is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. As professor of physics, he has demonstrated initiative in developing creative, hands-on experiences for pre-service and in-service teachers at all levels. His willingness to share and critique these ideas with his colleagues has benefited students and faculty alike. He has established an online site called “Just In Time Teaching” that faculty use to assign and grade homework questions prior to the start of class sessions. The information garnered from this site provides up-to-the-moment data for faculty to address the students’ learning needs in the classroom. For many years, Paul has been the leader in incorporating computer technology into teaching and administration on our campus. He has willingly provided innumerable hours of service to his colleagues and staff solving their computer problems. Professor Zitzewitz is also recognized for his innovative administrative practices, such as streamlining the cumbersome compilation of annual reports for the entire College, and standardizing the evaluation of the adjunct faculty as their status has changed during the past year. In the physics profession, Professor Zitzewitz is seen by his colleagues as an active and long-standing contributor to the Detroit and the Michigan Physics Associations where he has served in elected leadership roles, including President, and for which he has been honored with the Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He is known for his ability to generate and share new ideas for teaching at nearly every professional meeting. Paul Zitzewitz has approached his tasks with a servant attitude for which he is the well-deserved recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Service Award.