2002 Distinguished Research Awards

James E. Gruber, Professor of Sociology

James E. Gruber, Professor of Sociology, Department of Behavioral Sciences is recipient of the Distinguished Research Award. He has been a member of the Department of Behavioral Sciences since 1979 and teaches an array of highly regarded courses ranging from the Sociology of Poverty, to Sociological Theory and Gender Roles. As a social psychologist, Dr. Gruber has made notable contributions in the area of sexual harassment research. In a profoundly important way, this research has enhanced the discussion of theoretical and empirical issues in the behavioral sciences, labor law, women's studies, and histories of the workplace. His many publications are at "the forefront of the field" and have earned national as well as international acclaim.

Yi Lu Murphey, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Yi Lu Murphey, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is recipient of the Distinguished Research Award. She joined the College of Engineering and Computer Science in 1992. She teaches an impressive range of classes in computer vision, machine learning, and neutral networks. Her research is widely recognized and supported by numerous grants and contracts. Through the application of theory to practice, Dr. Murphey has significantly influenced the advancement of industry and manufacturing technology. In creative and imaginative ways she has developed new applications to real-world problems. She has published over sixty papers and is active in many professional societies both as a committee member and a reviewer of research proposals.