Faculty Awards

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated creativity, dedication, and a long-term positive impact on the campus over a significant period of time; and/or application of professional expertise to benefit the public good and whose work increases the visibility or enhances the reputation of UM-Dearborn. One award is given annually.

Distinguished Research Award

The Distinguished Research Award is given to a faculty member who has consistently and with frequency published important works that enlarge the scope of human knowledge or who consistently and with frequency produced acclaimed creative works. One or two awards are given annually.

Distinguished Teaching Award

The Distinguished Teaching Award is given to faculty members whose teaching record illustrates effectiveness in the classroom and the revitalization of courses and curriculum; interaction with students outside the classroom, as mentor, advisor, or group participant; professional growth as a teacher; and, commitment to undergraduate or graduate education. Generally, three awards are given annually-tenured, non-tenured and supplemental faculty.

William E. Stirton Professorship

The William E. Stirton Professorship is awarded for a five-year term to an active tenured faculty member at the rank of professor. The recipient of this award is evaluated by faculty peers and must be extraordinarily distinguished in scholarly activity, teaching and professional service. The Professorship was established in 1979 and is named for University of Michigan Vice President who became the first director of the Dearborn campus, serving from 1959-68.


  • Peter Amann, History, 1979-84
  • Tsing Yen Na, Mechanical Engineering, 1984-89
  • Ted-Larry Pebworth, English LIterature, 1989-94
  • Claude Summers, English Literature, 1989-94
  • Daniel Moerman, Anthropology, 1994-99
  • Sidney Bolkosky, History, 1999-04
  • Barry A. Bogin, Antropology, 2004-09
  • P.K. Malick, Mechanical Engineering, 2007-2012